I’ve got the dreaded covid. I managed to avoid it last year with ill people in the house but this time, my two children gave it to me. I’m not at all surprised, I kiss them a lot.

It’s ok. It’s just covid. I’m not going to die. I feel shite, it will pass. So how have I kept mentally well whilst being stuck in the house? I’m too poorly for yoga, I can’t go for a swim or walk, I’m not allowed to eat cake in a cafe, I can’t visit friends for drinks. It is miserable and yes I have cabin fever.

So how have I kept well? Well I certainly have off days. But here are my top tips for getting through it:

  • Light a fire. Your wood burner, your chiminea, your fire pit, you must have something? No? Make a small fire in your garden. Trust me when I say sitting around a fire chills you out. I’m a massive pyromaniac.
  • Eat healthy food. Cook any green vegetables in water for five minutes, blitz with a whizzer (no idea what that hand mixer, whizzer thing is called), season well and eat yummy homemade soup.
  • Have a treat. I don’t know about you, but when I’m ill I fancy ice cream. So whatever your vice is, treat yourself to a little bit of it.
  • Get some fresh air. Hopefully you’ve got some outside space to sit in. Grab some thick socks, a blanket and a pot of tea and get outside. If you haven’t got outside space, open a window or door and do the same.
  • Meditate. Get into bed, meditate. Chill out.
  • Have a hot bath. I don’t get high temperatures. High temperatures are our body’s way of killing viruses and bugs. Have a steaming bath and get your sweat on. Read about it.
  • Load up on vitamins. It‘s not rocket science. Megadose vitamin C. Take extra multivitamins. Eat fruit and vegetables.
  • Stay in bed. Or sit on the sofa. It’s ok to take a sick day when you’re ill! We unfortunately live in a culture where sick days are a sign of weakness. How will you get well if you are working?
  • Drink loads of water. Drink loads of tea.
  • Get someone else to do the chores.
  • Rest. Look after yourself. Watch crappy tv. I’ve watched a load of DC films and seven Harry Potters.
  • Say no. No I can’t help, no I can’t cook, no I can’t do that. You’re ill. Put yourself first.
  • Read some books. Put your phone down. Read something. #notetoself
  • Phone a friend. Message family. Don’t get lonely and down.

That’s it. Look after yourself. Get well. You will get through this. Much love j xxx

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