I don’t know whether you fall out of love or whether love has lots of different phases that we move through. Maybe you get to a phase that don’t want to move in to and so it ends. Or maybe it wasn’t right to start, maybe you settled, maybe you knew it wasn’t quite right but for whatever reason you chose to try anyway. I don’t have the answer I’m afraid.

I do know this. You both have to put lots of effort in. You both have to keep trying. You can’t change people and you shouldn’t change yourself for someone.

I was chatting with my friend the other day. Not settling was the the key takeaway. Hindsight is a wonderful thing though isn’t it!

I think to get to your forever relationship you have to go through life and have experiences. I’m not the same person as I was 10 years ago and certainly not 20 years ago. I’ve grown up. I’m confident and very happy with who I am. I know lots of people meet their soulmates at school and good for them, but it doesn’t happen for everyone.

I read a little bit about Jennifer Aniston recently. She talks beautifully about her relationships. She doesn’t regret any any of them. They made her who she is and they just ran their course. They weren’t failures. This is how I feel about past relationships. I could give you millions of reasons why they were bad for me, but would I be where I am now without them? No. Probably not. I believe one step leads us to another. You shouldn’t regret that step, but you should learn from it.

If you’re going through a breakup or have fallen out of love with your partner I’m sorry. It’s tough. Trust yourself. Learn from it. Move on. Your next relationship will be way better!

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