As another Valentine’s approaches I think of all the times I’ve been sad and lonely on this day. Why is there so much pressure to make a huge romantic gesture on one day of the year? Wouldn’t it be better to spread that love over the whole year? Little and often?

Valentine’s has been commoditised by card companies and supermarkets. I was in a petrol station yesterday and there were buckets everywhere, full of already wilting red roses. I hate cut flowers. I get that a lot of people like them, but they’re just not for me. Flowers are grown, cut, packaged in plastic and then shipped around the world. They then last about a week and slowly die, before being thrown in the bin. It all contributes to climate change, so sorry, just not my thing.

So how do I think we should do Valentine’s? If you have to celebrate on this one day, here’s a list:

  • Make something
  • Give some money to charity
  • Tidy up or do someone’s daily chores… give someone a rest
  • Do something lovely together like a walk, watch a sunrise, cozy up on the sofa watching a soppy film
  • Make something nice for supper… don’t buy crappy processed food that’s in single portioned plastic packaging! Avoid the meal deals!
  • Buy local. Don’t buy gifts from supermarkets or petrol stations!
  • Plan an experience. Theatre, music, weekend away, an adventure.

Please look after everyone on Valentine’s, from your elderly neighbour to your single friend. Make someone smile and let them know that you care about them too.

A puppy isn’t just for Christmas and romance isn’t just for Valentine’s.

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