A little bit about me

I’m Jaime. Spelt weird I know. Blame my Mum. She named me after the Bionic Woman. I’ve always thought that’s pretty awesome.

Here’s a list about me…

  • So old that I’m now counting backwards
  • Forest School Leader… in training
  • Two Children
  • Two Dogs
  • Single with baggage
  • Yoga Fanatic
  • Hennock
  • Freelander Driver
  • Marketing Director
  • Cake Maker
  • Glamper
  • Dartmoor girl

Fuck me that’s boring…

  • Snowboarder
  • Trekker
  • Wanderer
  • Wild Camper
  • Adventurer
  • Verified Mentalist
  • Medicated Loon…

There I said it. I’m mental. My psychiatrist said so. I knew from a young age I was different. It’s taken nearly 40 years to have it confirmed. 

This is my blog. I hope you like it.

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And if you think you are my Mr Right, maybe you should read these posts: Post One, Post Two, Post Three, Post Four, Post Five and then send me an email to say hi. You’ll need to be UK based, but I’ll happily roam with you, be roughly my age, want adventure in your life, have a successful career or business, care about the environment, be kind and generous, and be a huge romantic like me.

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